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Action Epic Thriller

for car chases, gun fights, bar-room brawls, sword battles, distant adventures and much more

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Beats Loops Vibes

for ad spots, presentations, groovy scenes, web games, how-to's, video blogs and much more

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Comedy Rom-Comedy

for chick flicks, feel-goods, sit-coms, buddy films, standup specials, road trips and much more

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Drama News Reality

for prime time soaps, reality shows, newscasts, sportscasts, game shows, challenges and much more

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Sci-Fi Horror

for zombies, vampires, aliens, monsters, killers, slashers, conspiracy docs and much more

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Mini Albums

Five tracks of a similar theme in a variety of styles for any project that needs multiple tracks

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Recently Added Stock

Tracks with a added January 15, 2014

1. Chase Me Creep

BPM: 90 | TIME: 0:50 | CAT#: C005-P007-T009
DESCRIPTION: clunky, gritty, suspenseful | DOWNLOAD

2. Stark Contrast

BPM: 100 | TIME: 0:12 | CAT#: C004-P007-T009
DESCRIPTION: driving, grooving, tense | DOWNLOAD

3. Positive Outlook

BPM: 120 | TIME: 0:40 | CAT#: C004-P007-T007
DESCRIPTION: bouncy, floating, thumpin | DOWNLOAD

4. Forbidden Frequency

BPM: 60 | TIME: 2:07 | CAT#: C005-P007-T003
DESCRIPTION: disturbing, glitchy, intense | DOWNLOAD

5. Disturbing Patterns

BPM: 60 | TIME: 1:03 | CAT#: C005-P006-T010
DESCRIPTION: distant, gritty, ominous | DOWNLOAD

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